two paw prints

Mya~ Prrrr....!

A nice man is taking care of Chii! He gave Chii MILK~!

So much fun here! So many great things to play with!


But Chii misses Youhei a lot. And okaasan and otousan too....

ooc:monochrome_mind has, for the moment, taken Chii in. It may be only temporary however. As you can imagine she's pretty much into everything. Also a note on Chii's speech; she can't talk in person - unless you can speak Chii that is, feel free to do so - but the Network does translate for her. How convenient, huh?

one paw print

aljkafljboiiu1098374 ;;K;JA NBJKJKAlbklj19874 ajna;kdjf;a kj; akd;j;ak [cat-like typing detected, switching to mic-mode]


I don’t know where I am. Again.

Myaaaa! Mya!….Mrow?

Where do I go? Gotta get home!...Huh? Whazzis

[Static and soft scraping sounds as sniffs and paws at the mic. After a few moments the sound intensifies as she locks it in her forepaws and begins to rabbit-kick at it. She rolls around before stopping to lick herself.]

Whew. That was fun!....

[Looks around, this way and that.]


Gotta get hooome!