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twelve paw prints

ooc: This entry is backdated to yesterday. I was JUST getting ready to post this when internet decided it was crash time. Soooo...you can play along if you want. Also, Chii being a kitten her memory isn't as good as a human's.

Chii misses her family a lot. Chii misses Youhei a lot. Chii misses a lot of things a lot....

Chii remembers when okaasan would give her milk! And Youhei would give Chii things to play with! Chii would sleep on otousan because he was so comfy....And before Chii met her family she was with her other family. At least, Chii thinks so. It's hard to remember now. Mama was big and comfy and warm and always made sure Chii was clean and full of milk!...Or was that okaasan?
Tags: backdated curse affected, okaasan, otousan, youhei

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