thirteen paw prints

Chii is tired from the passed little while, mya...The nice lady came back home! Chii is glad. She is tired too. Let's sleep on the bed together,....Ciss....nei?


ooc: Sorry I haven't been around as much as I'd like the last few days. University is starting to pick up and I've had work as well. I should be a bit more active now that I've had to quit my job due to personal reasons... Also, as a side note, Chii does eventually learn people's names if she hears it often enough and it's not too long, and lately everyone's been talking about Cissnei around her. :)

twelve paw prints

ooc: This entry is backdated to yesterday. I was JUST getting ready to post this when internet decided it was crash time. can play along if you want. Also, Chii being a kitten her memory isn't as good as a human's.

Chii misses her family a lot. Chii misses Youhei a lot. Chii misses a lot of things a lot....

Chii remembers when okaasan would give her milk! And Youhei would give Chii things to play with! Chii would sleep on otousan because he was so comfy....And before Chii met her family she was with her other family. At least, Chii thinks so. It's hard to remember now. Mama was big and comfy and warm and always made sure Chii was clean and full of milk!...Or was that okaasan?

ten paw prints

Everything is so....Chii can't think of the word. There's lights and so many toys to play with! But for some reason Chii gets in trouble if she plays with the BIG toy. The other ones play with the big toy all the time! It's not fair!

Everyone keeps making resitutions. What's a resitolotion? Can Chii make one also?

ooc: The "big toy" is the Christmas tree. The "other ones" are in reference to the other cats she lives with. And I'm sure you can guess what Chii is trying to say with "resitutions/resitolotions". ;3